Main futures:

1) Optimized  for the CAVE Virtual Reality device
2) Manual adding new peaks in the map by the help of CAVE interaction device
3) PC version with CAVE emulator avaialable


IRIX version

MCE-CAVE require existence of a \Data subdirectory containing MCE_VR.CFG file and a CRYSTALS or WinGX pre-computed data fail
named MCE_DATA.fou . The visualisation could be pre-configurated by the help of MCE_VR.CFG file modification. See MCE_CAVE_README.txt with is the part of the installation for details.

PC version

See the CAVE_PC_Emulator_Manual.txt for details about availabe PC CAVE emulation functions. The PC version must containd a \Data subdirectry with identical files as the IRIX version. See the MCE_CAVE_README.txt  file again.

Photo from inside the CAVE VR device at GUP Linz showing the SGI CAVE MCE version output.
E-mail the author Michal Husak ( for IRIX/CAVE MCE_VR executable and source code.


The IRIX  6.5 version using the CAVElib 3.0  binary executable, source code and sample files:

The Win32 API GLUT based version with simple CAVE emulator executable, source code and sample files:

Source and executable and sample input:

Executable and sample input only: