version 1.0 by Luca Lutterotti, 1998

Utility for building experimental reflectivity files from UDF data files to use for reflectivity analysis.
For more information about the reflection analysis refer to Alain Gibaud of the LPEC laboratory of the Universite du Maine in Le Mans.
The utility was created during a visit to the LPEC laboratory this summer.

The utility is in Java and works on any machine supporting java 1.1. See the readme for more informations.

Download the installer of the utility you need:
 System  Installer download  Installation instructions
I don't have a Java VM or I don't know (default choice): download 
I have already the jre and/or jdk 1.1.6 or later installed: download 
- Run the install.exe executable.
Mac OS  I have Mac OS 7.6 but not the MRJ 2.0: download 
I have Mac OS 8.x and/or the MRJ 2.0:  download 
- If the browser doesn't translate the 
install.bin file, drag it on stuffit Expander. 
- Double click the install file. 
Unix  You need the Java VM already installed: download  - For Unix you need first to install a 
Java VM at least 1.1. 
- Type sh install.bin to run the installer 
Solaris  The Java VM is included: download  - Type sh install.bin to run the installer 
Others All is provided as a zip file except the Java VM: download  -Read this file 

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Revised: October 20, 1998

© 1997 Luca Lutterotti