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version 2.3 by Luca Lutterotti, 1997-1999


After one year I have update Rietquan 2.2 to version 2.3.

In the new version the line broadening method has changed from the Lutterotti et al. method (see references) to the Delhez, De Keiser and Mittemejer (Rietveld book) method. The difference between the two methods is quite small but in this manner the computing routine is more stable and you will not get any more overflow errors.

The installer now is in english!! Check out the readme for all the changes. An italian version of the program is available in this page.

6 April 1999. This is the last revision and update of the program because any improvement will go in the new Maud program. Rietquan will remain as a very easy and small program for quantitative phase analysis. If you need something more check Maud.

Characteristics of the program:
bullet_d.gif (982 bytes) Rietveld crystal refinement for one or more phases
bullet_h.gif (972 bytes) Quantitative phase analysis using the Rietveld procedure for crystalline phases
bullet_p.gif (978 bytes) Quantitative phase analysis of the silica-glass and amorph phases 
bullet_s.gif (987 bytes) Microstructural analysis of crystallite size and r.m.s. microstrain
bullet_t.gif (983 bytes) Customizable database of structures (coming with some of the principal phases already included)
bullet_d.gif (982 bytes) Automatic mode of analysis using an "expert system" for refinement strategy. 
bullet_h.gif (972 bytes) Import CIF files exported by the ICSD database software 

Download a screen shot of Rietquan in action.

System requirements:

PC running Windows 95 or NT.

Getting the program:

You can download the zip archive for the installation of the program Rietquan 2.3:

Download Rietquan 2.3

Then follow the instructions of the readme.txt file for the installation. Be sure to download this readme file and save it, it is not contained in the installation package and contain important notices. The package will install a full copy of the program that run as a demo until you register your copy (for academic is free). For more information how to register the program contact Luca.Lutterotti.

Last update: 17 April 1998. Check the readme.txt file for what new.

Bugs or problem must be reported directly to the author, Luca.Lutterotti.

Registration (free for academic and public research center users)


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For more about my research work check out the complete list of publications.

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Revised: April 6, 1999

© 1997 Luca Lutterotti