Outdoor experimental activities

Mont-Blanc, 1996 - photo H. -R. Wenk

During the weekend I become a truly material tester. There are a lot of material to be tested in extreme conditions. Have a look on the following for the experimental procedures I normally use to do the job.

bullet_d.gif (982 bytes)Windsurf

My usual spot for windsurfing is the Garda lake: Malcesine, Torbole or Riva del Garda. Better than this place probably you can find Haway.

Some interesting links:

bullet_h.gif (972 bytes)Ski

What's the best place to test ski materials: surely Squaw Valley where you can find all the fresh snow you need and the steepest slopes of the USA resorts. This is the place where start to grow the extreme skiier in the new continent (according to Discovery Channel).

Other ski resorts in USA

West coast:

Compare it with the italian ski resort of my area:

bullet_p.gif (978 bytes)Mountainering

bullet_s.gif (987 bytes)Mountain bike


If you have something interesting on the subject, just drag me a note.

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