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LCELLS updates & new features

Version Features
Version 1.3 (2003.07.07) beta 1. Substructural search is added ("Search" item of the main menu). The program creates additional index file using existing cell-containing index file. The search fragments can be loaded into the program using copy/paste operations for mol-file (ACD/Chemsketch) or loading a MDL MOL file produced by any chemical drawing application. The same window provides interface for searching by any string in the TITL instruction.

NOTE: this is a beta version, so if you find some "artefacts", please, communicate it to me.

Version 1.2 (2003.07.05) Basic release, all the features are described in manual
LCELLS Manual  


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Version Release Date Reported by Description Status
1.2 2003.07.05      

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