Hypertext Help Manual


The HyperText Help manual for WinGX is arranged in Chapters according to the menu items.

Although SHELXL-93 has been removed from WinGX, the manual has been retained here because of many internal links. For small molecule users there is relatively little difference between the programs. Nevertheless, users should consult the SHELXL-97 manual to ensure accuracy of information.

1 GENERAL General information on WinGX
2 MODEL Help on the MODEL menu
3 DATA Help on the DATA menu
4 ABSORB Help on the ABSORB menu
5 SOLVE Help on the SOLVE menu
6a SHELXL93 Vol 1 General information on SHELXL93
6b SHELXL93 Vol 2 Help on SHELXL93 commands
7 MAPS Help on the MAPS menu
8 GRAPHICS Help on the GRAPHICS menu
9 ANALYSE Help on the ANALYSE menu
10 PUBLISH Help on the PUBLISH menu
11 USER Help on the USER supplied programs
12 HELP Information about this HYPERTEXT facility