STRUPLO for Windows (version 1.01)

STRUPLO for Windows is supplied as a single zip file STRU_SETUP.ZIP
containing the setup program SETUP.EXE. This will install the following
files into the requested directory.

STRUPLO.EXE   - the 32-bit executable for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

SALFLIBC.DLL - DLL required for 32-bit executable

STRUVIR.TXT  - straight text version of manual
RGBCOLS.DEF  - RGB colour definitions (essential if you wish to modify colours!!)
README.1ST   - this file


After running the setup program you will need to do the following :

(a) set the environment variable STRUPLDIR to the location of STRUPLO.EXE

If you do not know how to set environment variables, please see

STRUPLO for Windows has been tested on most Windows platforms.

It requires at least 32Mb RAM memory, and an IBM-compatible PC (Pentium or
better is recommended).

Known problems:

Any other problems, please email me at:
Please send any error messages output by the program - these will help me
track down the cause.

Louis J. Farrugia