Problems with Platon/PWT

The Platon program is updated frequently and it cannot be checked for bugs. From time to time, new bugs do creep in. If you think you have found a problem which is not mentioned below, please use the Bug Report Form to report it.

Q 1. Why does Platon for Windows Taskbar give me a message saying that a previous instance of PLATON is still running ?

A 1. This is because there is a previous instance of PLATON running (which may not be visible). This happens because you have not stopped PLATON properly, but just closed the Graphics or Text Windows (this DOESNT stop the program, unlike with other Windows applications). Use the Close Program window for Windows 95/98/ME (CRTL+ALT+DELETE key gives you this) or the NT Task Manager for Windows NT/2000/XP (right click on task bar) to kill all previous instances of PLATON and all should be OK.

Recent versions of the Taskbar (1.02.2 or later) should overcome this problem because they explicitly terminate all previous instances of PLATON before starting a new job.

Q 2. Why does PLATON crash, giving me a message saying "cannot do - u !!!", when trying to validate a CIF ?

A 2. This is because PLATON cannot find the file CHECK.DEF. The environment variable CHECKDEF is either not set, or is incorrectly set. See this link for further information about setting environment variables.

Q 3. When I click on any of the PWT menu items nothing happens, despite having followed all the instructions on where to install PLATON and PWT. What is wrong ?

A 3. PWT cannot find the PLATON executable. Put a shortcut to PWT on your desktop and right-click this icon to get the Properties Dialog Box. Set the "Start in" directory to c:\platgui (or wherever you have installed PWT/PLATON).

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