Problems with WinGX

Q 1. I have just downloaded the new version 1.70 of WinGX and now SHELXL (or other programs like PLATON) do not work anymore, despite the fact that I know they are in the \wingx\bin directory. What is wrong ?

A 1. Probably you used your old version of WINGX.INI when installing the program. This problem is most likely to happen if WinGX is installed onto a different drive than your crystal data files.You can either

The reason is that the directory structure of WinGX has changed.

Q 2. How can I get the PC version of SHELXL97 which I got from George Sheldrick to work in WinGX ?

A 2. WinGX comes with a version of SHELXL97, but you may prefer to use the executable obtained for George Sheldrick (it will probably be faster). Install it as a User menu item. See the new WinGX installation instructions under section 1.3.3. "Setting up WinGX". Note that the file naming conventions are different, i.e. the Sheldrick version writes a list file called name.LST instead of SHELXL.LST.

Q 3. When I try to start the program I immediately get an error saying that the file ELEMENT.DAT cannot be found. What is wrong?

A 3. The program has not been installed properly - the directory pointed to by the entry SystemFilesDirectory in WINGX.INI is incorrect. Please check this carefully and if necessary re-install with the latest version from the web-site.

Q 4. When I install the program the file WINGX.INI is not created What is wrong?

A 4. Nothing. The new version of WinGX 1.70 will build a new WINGX.INI file if it does not find one. This auto build is not completelt foolproof though. See Q1 above fo further details.

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