Software from Chemical Crystallography, GLASGOW

Software from Chemical Crystallography, GLASGOW


Version 1.70 of WinGX for MS-Windows. Programs for the solution, refinement and analysis of single crystal diffraction data for small molecules.
Ortep-3 for Windows

An MS-Windows version of the current release of ORTEP-III. Incorporates a GUI to make production of thermal ellipsoid plots much easier.
PLATON for Windows

PLATON by Ton Spek, compiled for IBM-PC (all flavours of Windows). This version is updated frequently.
DIRDIF for Windows

DIRDIF, the crystal structure solution package of Paul Beurskens and coworkers.
STRUPLO for Windows

Program to produce polyhedral plots of Inorganic crystal structures. An MS-Windows version of STRUVIR by Armel LeBail.
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FAQ page Answers to some frequently asked questions about the programs from this site. Please check here before emailing.
GX Program Archive

An archive of the Fortran source code and all documentation for the GX package of programs (the precursor to WinGX).

A link to the XD package of programs for multipole refinement and analysis of electron densities from diffraction data.

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