Strategy 1

The crystal faces are indexed and the face distances determined (e.g. with the microscope of the diffractometer). EUHEDRAL is used for optimizing the description.

Crystal description

If the crystal description was not given in the file name.ins, you can now edit this file with with the command edit.

Step 1

In a first step we recommend a volume refinement with the command volume.
Warning: When the volume factor changes too much, either your crystal description or the given absorption coefficient is wrong. Do not continue, but choose another strategy.

Step 2

In a second step, the individual face distances are refined separately with the commands distance or amoeba. With the refinement option centric, the user can force EUHEDRAL to refine Friedel-faces together (often advisable in this stage of the refinement!).

Further steps

By repeating the commands volume and distance (or amoeba) a minimum in the refinement should be reached.