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[DIR] Parent Directory 07-Jun-2001 10:22 - [DIR] MacOS_X/ 05-Apr-2002 19:05 - [DIR] exe_dos2/ 07-Jun-2001 10:22 - [DIR] exe_vms/ 07-Jun-2001 10:22 - [CMP] kriber_1.0.tar.Z 13-Oct-1995 18:07 163k [   ] 13-Oct-1995 18:07 106k [DIR] kriber_1.0/ 07-Jun-2001 10:22 - [CMP] kriber_1.1.tar.Z 08-Dec-1995 21:06 71k [   ] 08-Dec-1995 21:05 43k [DIR] kriber_1.1/ 07-Jun-2001 10:22 -

kriber_1.0.tar.Z     = "original" version (PASCAL, C)
kriber-vms-binary    = kriber_1.0 VMS exe       = extended version, C only.

Using kriber_1.1: The documentation of kriber_1.0 still applies.
There are some additional (undocumented) commands. For a short
description run kriber and enter "help".
To get documentation and data files you have to download
kriber_1.0.tar.Z in any case!

It's recommended to use kriber_1.1 even if you're not interested
in the additional commands. The original version is much slower
and very likely to blow the stack on small machines.

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