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Crystallography Laboratory University of Nijmegen

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A computer program system for crystal structure determination by Patterson methods and direct methods applied to difference structure factors.

The programs are available for a wide range of computer and operating systems. They have been tested and used on IBM/cms, VAX/VMS, CYBER computer, PC (PCDOS, MSDOS) and various unix systems (Silicon Graphics, SunOS, Solaris, DEC, Alpha, HP, linux, IBM/AIX).

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Click here to get the DIRDIF program system files by ftp (ftp.sci.kun.nl).


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Click here to read the DIRDIF primer (a rather lengthy description).



Click here to get DIRDIF for WINDOWS95 (by Louis J. Farrugia).






In principle the system is free of charge for non-commercial users, but because of the increasing costs of the distribution of the DIRDIF program system, the university administration has asked me to request some payment for file handling, printing, mailing costs, etc. If you have no funds available, please, don't hesitate to tell me. Please, get the DIRDIF system implemented, see that all test examples work well, and inform us on your implementation!

If you use DIRDIF, in any resulting publication please refer to:

P.T. Beurskens, G. Beurskens, R. de Gelder, S. Garcia-Granda, R.O. Gould, R. Israel and J.M.M. Smits (1999). The DIRDIF-99 program system, Crystallography Laboratory, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Thank you,
Yours sincerely,

Paul T. Beurskens

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Prof.dr. P.T. Beurskens

Crystallography Laboratory
Department of Inorganic Chemistry
Nijmegen SON Research Center
University of Nijmegen
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Telephone : +31 24 3652188       Fax : +31 24 3553177

[Icon: mailto Paul] Paul Beurskens' e-mail address: ptb@sci.kun.nl


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