Protein Crystallographic Methods
(1965, 1984 ~ )
Direct-method SAD phasing
at lower resolutions
Direct-method SIR phasing based
on SOLVE/RESOLVE results
Fragment extension
based on molecular replacement
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Direct Methods of solving Incommensurate Crystal Structures (1987 ~ )
Image Processing in High-Resolution Electron Microscopy (1972 ~ )
The composite structure
Click for details on multi-
dimensional direct methods
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Programs of Crystallographic Computing
(1985 ~ )
Programs with 
Intelligent controlDirect methods for 
StructuresVisual computing in 
CrystallographyDirect-method SAD/SIR phasing and 
fragment extension with and without
SAD/SIR information

Methods for Powder Analysis
(1999 ~ )
Pseudo-symmetry and phase ambiguity
(1965 ~ 1985)
Click for details on powder methods. Direct methods dealing with
phase ambiguities 
due to pseudo symmetry