Quantitative Powder XRD Phase Analysis Software for Windows

Page updated: June 29th 2004

Update to Siroquant version 2.5

The Fortran based programs prep25.exe, struct25.exe & trac25.exe have been observed to fail on start up when the operating system is Windows XP and now Windows 2000 with the latest service packs etc, usually by giving a stack fault error.  The Fortran compiler has been changed to one that compiles with Windows Console programs (a console program is one that still requires the Command Prompt to display output etc) rather than the old extended DOS program. The operation is the same except for one important difference noted below.

Please note that Windows 98 PC's are not affected by this bug and should not be updated!

Siroquant Program Executable (SQWIN25.EXE)

This program has been known to change the default directory. Now the original default directory is restored for refinements and hkl file preparation. Two menu items (under Options) used for testing have been left in. One menu item show the current directory and the original default directory (these should normally be the same) and the other resets the current directory to the original.  A minor bug in the Halfwidths dialog box has also been corrected.


These program work the same way as previously except for one important difference.  Normally all error output is piped into an error file (perror.txt, serror.txt or terror.txt).  Errors handled programmatically still do but errors caused by exceptions are sent to the console screen rather than the error file (as previously). Therefore a flag file (prep25.ok, struct25.ok or trac25.ok) is generated as the last action of the program when it finishes normally. The existence of the flag file is checked if the error file is empty (zero size).

Flag File Missing Error

An error message will identify the program at fault. Some possible causes and actions are listed:

1. Failure during hkl file preparation.

(a) If you are using the Standard database then report the error to Sietronics along with phase number and ALL the conditions used for preparation. This should be rare.

(b) The error could occur when using a User database and databank if the quant.dat type entry is faulty.

2. Refinement

The problem will be occasionally seen and is usually caused be a faulty parameter value especially for certain parameters in low abundance phases. Usually the actual error message is cryptic and not informative.

Using the Command Prompt

To identify the error in cases 1b & 2 the error message may be read using the Command Prompt. It will not work in hkl preparation when using the Standard database.

i. Enter the Command Prompt window before doing anything else. SQWIN may remain open.

ii. Ensure the default directory is set to the SIROQUANT directory.

ii. For hkl preparation enter PREP25.EXE and if successful followed by STRUCT25.EXE iii. For refinement enter TRAC25.EXE

To install these programs, download the Siroquant update file from the link below, unzip using Winzip or other decompression program and copy these files to your Siroquant folder (usually c:\sqwinv25) overwriting the files already there.  It is also recommended to update the Hardlock driver - the exe file for the installation of the latest driver is below.

After installation, use the program as normal.


File Name: Description: Updated Siroquant files (Build 2533) 1,115 KB File -
File Name: hldrv32.exe Description: Hardlock driver (latest version 4.95) 2,533 KB File - hldrv32.exe

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