Apex Diffractometer.

Power supply to the detector must be on when the PC boots. The detector connects straight through to a SCSI card in the PC.

When the detector is on the chiller must also be on. The detector can not be on with the chiller off ( as in the case of the Smart 1K) as this means no heat  is taken away from the chip and it overheats. The CCD temperature should be maintained at -45 C, this can be checked from within Smart, Goniometer menu, Manual, U status. White frames are obtained if the CCD temperature reaches +10 C.

Water flow should be 4.5 l/min. A flow of  less then 4 l/min creates an error code 14.

Heating current for a X-ray tube should be about 1.9 on standby (just the heater on and no X-rays). For a dead tube the heating current will be about 0.4 and generates an error code 1.

Each piece of software communicates down a different COM port.

Smart COM 1

D8 tools COM 2

Kryoflex COM 4


"Detector re-initialization failed. Please reboot the detector " 

OR "Can not open CCD" OR "LDI detector not found".

Drop out of Smart. Power off the detector for 10secs then power it back on. On the detector itself the Red light will go on then off. The green light goes on for some while then goes off again. The detector has now rebooted, so go back into Smart and restart with Acquire resume.


Error Code 30

Press the heater key, then the clear alarm button. Press the ON key to start the generator.


Set up mode active resetting to no goniometer controller.

Hit OK

Exit Smart.

Power down the generator to 20kV 5mA press the heater key then the Off key. 

Switch off the D8 controller and leave for 10secs.

Switch on D8 controller wait for the floppy to boot. This finishes booting when the busy light goes out on the right hand side of the system.

Switch on the generator, press the heater key, then the ON key.

Restart Smart.

In the Goniometer menu select generator and alter the kV and mA.

In the same menu select Home Axis, Axis no. 4, this homes all 3 drives. 

Once this is completed zero all angles.





To switch off the Kryoflex.

Hit the stop Kryoflex button then after file exit select keep hardware running NO. If you want the temperature to be maintained whilst switching users or rebooting the PC e.g. hit YES.


Loss of communication to Kryoflex hardware or the Kryoflex fails to cool.

Exit from the Kryoflex software. Switch off the Kryoflex controller for 10secs then switch back on. Restart the Kryoflex software and this should re-establish communication with the hardware and the Kryoflex should cool immediately.


Kryoflex reports Dewar refil timed out.

Click Force Refil to Start. This normally fails so exit Kryoflex leaving the hardware running. Go back in to Kryoflex and Click Force Refil to Start - this will now start OK.


Diagnose problems

When trying to diagnose problems set up the log file to record changes in temperature, nozzle and evaporator values.

File log file settings

click the browse button

select log file or type a new name to create a new log file.

select log file active.


File log file settings

open log file or clear log file


Kryoflex usage max 12 litres per day. With a 60 l dewar this can run for 4 days before refilling. Current software is used to alter the hardware settings. Nozzle heater Max power set to 60%. In advanced options system monitor you obtain a list of parameters for Nozzle, Evaporator, Dewar and LN2 flow. Normal operating values at 100K are Nozzle 100 Evaporator 90