BEARTEX. We have developed a comprehensive package of computer programs dedicated to quantitative texture analysis containing 30 programs and running in a Windows environment on a PC. It is available for distribution at a nominal cost and already widely used (see BEARTEX).

Rietveld texture analysis: MAUD. In collaboration with L. Lutterotti (Trento) and S. Matthies (Dresden) we are developing a package to analyze textures (including crystal structure, microstructure and internal stress) from diffraction spectra. This technique is particularly useful for TOF neutron diffraction spectra but also applicable to x-ray spectra. An experimental version can be downloaded from the web:

SEMTEX and MAPTEX are packages to drive an electron microscope, construct orientation maps, orientation and misorientation distributions. It will are fully compatible with BEARTEX. We plan to introduce it in 1999.

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Last Edited 09/02/99