X-ray pole figure goniometers (Cu-Ka and Fe-Ka radiation), for conventional pole figure measurements in reflection geometry. Equipped with monochromators.

Leo SEM with EBSP system, fully automated for the study of individual orientation and orientation maps. Frame transfer 14 bit CCD camera with fiber optics. We are using local software to drive microscope and camera and apply CHANNEL (hkl software) for pattern interpretation. This purely digital system is ideally suited for analysis of low symmetry materials, minerals and ceramics..

Neutron diffraction. Berkeley is principal investigator in the Los Alamos ultrahigh count-rate University of California Materials Research Diffractometer (UCMRD) project HIPPO, which is tailored for quantitative texture analysis from time-of-flight neutron diffraction spectra. HIPPO is presently under construction and will become available for users in 2000.

Synchrotron x-rays. In collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory we are presently developing capabilities at the Advanced Light Source to develop capabilities for microtexture analysis by neutron diffraction.

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Hans-Rudolf Wenk
Dept. Geology and Geophysics
U.C. Berkeley CA 94720


Last Edited 12/21/98