A STRUPLO to VRML converter for 3D visualization of inorganic structures
Armel Le Bail - April, 1998 - version 4 - polyhedra with up to 12 vertices interpreted


Introduction to STRUVIR

STRUVIR is a converter of STRUPLO (R.X. Fischer, J. Appl. Cryst. 18 (1985) 258-262) data files into VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) .wrl files for 3D visualization. (by Netscape+Live3D or Cosmo Player 2 or VRweb, or any Internet browser equipped with a VRML plug-in, or any standalone VRML viewer...). 2D HPGL and Postscript files are also prepared. POVray capabilities added (July, 1996) by Mark Koennecke.

STRUVIR is built from a STRUPLO basis modified without permission, following the Academic tradition which allows not reinventing the wheel each day. In the present case, wheels were the STRUPLO polyhedra recognition algorithm (thanks to R.X. Fischer for tetrahedra and octahedra and A. Le Lirzin for "bizarre" polyhedra) and VRML of course. My job was only to combine them. However, the VRML output may do the job better than the PS or HPGL ones. The POVray output is a translation of the VRML one. The full history is in HTML tutorial or the text manual.


How to get it and for which operating system

The PC current version works on MS WINDOWS 95 (32bits) and probably (but not tested) on MS WINDOWS NT. Note that the FORTRAN 77 source is available and should compile on any machine since there is no graphism inside the program. The executables and sources (struvir.exe, psplot.exe, struvir.f and psplot.f) plus the manual (struvir.txt) and 100 tested datafiles are gathered in

CCP14 has produced executables of STRUVIR (beta 3) for various other machines (SG IRIX 5.2, SUNOS 4.1.3, SOLARIS 2.4, HPUX 8.07, ULTRIX 4.2, VAX VMS 6.1).

Have fun and best wishes.