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Welcome and Historical

Following is the Homepage for the Structure Determination by Powder Diffractometry (SDPD) mailing list. This mailing list on the internet is free (no cost) and is open to all. It was created especially for people who are either involved or curious about methods for crystal structure determination from powder diffraction data. 

Originally, discussions on this topic were included in the Rietveld Mailing List (see archives). Those previous discussions led to the SDPD Round Robin (May-June 1998) about which all details are available on the Web. But, if all SDPD experts use the Rietveld method in the ultimate structure refinement stage, not all Rietveld method users are interested in the huge list of SDPD sub-topics. So that a web-based SDPD forum was first open which had a limited success probably because there was no email distribution : subscribers had to go to the web pages and see if there was a new discussion. With this new SDPD Mailing List, subscribers will receive the latest news about their favourite occupation in their mailbox.

Topics for discussion include (but are not limited to) 

Hunting peak positions
Search-match and databases (not identifying compounds)
Structure factors extraction
    Pawley method
    Le Bail method
    unconstrained cell methods
Structure determination
   Direct methods
   Maximum entropy
   Molecule location methods
       Simulated annealing, Monte Carlo
       Genetic algorithm
       Packing considerations
(.... a list of software may be found in the SDPD database)

This mailing list will hopefully be the best place for announcing new software (public domain as well as commercial) concerning the above topics and for discussing old software users problems and suggesting fixes (e.g., why does my XXX software, while performing well with the examples described in the manual, fails regularly with my experimental cases ?:-). 

Full references for articles dealing with either reviews or experimental cases, are expected to come here. Our rather limited community (>350 structures determined by >700 co-authors) do not publish more than 100 papers a year on SDPD, and the number of experimental cases solved is almost stabilized at ~50 articles/year (see the SDPD database). 

Criticism is expected to occur, and the SDPD mailing list will not be moderated. After all, people need to find here not only a list of software, but explicitly which one presents the largest chances to really help in solving their particular problem. Criticism as well as reporting bugs/glitches/kludges/"features" of various software and their possible work-arounds or solutions are suggested to be made in a "genteel" way, which was not always the case in the past. We recommend to never consider any apparent lack of politeness like a real one, but like unfamiliarism with english language. 


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